Slipstick CB664c 2″ (50mm) Bed Risers Black


The Slipstick bed risers will raise the height of beds, desks, couches, tables, bedroom furniture, and other heavy objects by 50mm / 2 inches.

  • Suitable for castors & round posts up to 75mm diameter
  • Suitable for square posts or furniture legs up to 50mm (2-1/4″)

Bed risers can provide several benefits including:

Increased Under-Bed Storage Space: Bed risers raise the height of the bed, creating more space underneath for storage containers, boxes, or bags.

Improved Accessibility: For individuals with mobility issues, bed risers can make it easier to get in and out of bed by raising the height of the mattress.

Better Air Circulation: Raising the bed can also improve air circulation by allowing air to flow underneath the bed and reducing dust and allergens.

Floor Protection: Bed risers can also be used to protect floors from scratches and scuffs caused by the beds legs. The special non-slip rubber stoppers prevent the bed risers from moving and causing damage on smooth or hard floors.

Furniture Legs & Wheels Won’t Move: Recessed foam insert moulds to all types of furniture legs and rollers.

5 year Full Replacement Warranty: Constructed from high impact plastic for years of reliable performance. 

Sold in sets of 4.

Single units also available.

Colour: Black

Available in a 4 pack or a Single Unit.

Other Height Sizes:



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